Tempest unit with individual features pointed out. Light sensor, pressure sensor, solar-powered, totally wireless, haptic rain sensor, sonic wind sensor, temperature and humidity, lightning sensor, simple mounting.

A weather station so advanced it’s simple

Install a Tempest Weather Station and immediately uncover efficiencies and cost savings, while increasing safety within your organization. Our revolutionary solid-state design requires minimal maintenance and installs in less than 5 minutes. Included are real-time and guaranteed-better forecast data for your station from the Tempest app and API.


Integrate to benefit your operations and stakeholders

Combine your stations with the TempestOne platform created for business, including custom alerting, API integration, powerful maps & graphs, and much more! Data from one or more Tempest Weather Stations are available to company decision-makers, community emergency management teams, IoT devices, internal decision tools and/or customer-facing applications.


Add the power of Nearcast™ technology to your business

What makes the Tempest current and near-term forecast so accurate? It starts with weather data from your asset locations, not data that originates from the airport that's 30 miles away like other solutions – but then we combine it with a massive amount of curated data from satellites, radar, government surface networks, and more, to run our own high-resolution numerical weather forecast models. We train our A.I.-based output models to produce accurate point-specific forecasts informed by these observations.

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