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Case Study : 1

Rachio is the leading smart irrigation company and they benefit from better weather data to drive the decision-making processes in their scheduling engine (when to water, how much to water, and when not to water). By integrating Tempest weather data into their system, they not only provide better data for their customers who own Tempest Systems, but they can also leverage the expanding Tempest network to serve their customers who don’t. Together we are selling our valuable weather station based systems to new and existing Rachio customers, which is also yielding a large revenue stream for Rachio.


Case Study : 2

Torus is a leading edge provider of renewable power, energy storage, and management systems enabling customers to make the traditional grid their backup plan. The Torus power management and orchestration system relies heavily on accurate weather data to automatically analyze and shift both electricity production and consumption. And Torus relies on their TempestOne partnership, including a Tempest System in every Torus home, to make their system hum.

How it Works


Step 1. Integrate Tempest into your product

With our powerful, easy-to-use API, integrating Tempest data into your product is simple and straightforward. Our team works with yours to make it a seamless experience for your customers. Whether the goal is saving energy or water, or simply turning the outside lights on, we guarantee we will make a vast array of smart home products simply work better.

Step 2. Offer Tempest Weather Systems to your customers

Offer your customers a discount on a Tempest Weather Station system and grow your exclusive network. Generate revenue thru commissions while increasing the value of your product in a virtuous cycle that no other weather solution on the market can match. Co-marketing your products to existing Tempest owners is another way to drive the adoption of your product.

Step 3. Partner and enhance your products and services

We have designed a system that works seamlessly as a standalone product and as an integrated solution through advanced API capabilities. Our goal is the same as yours, to enhance the value of your products for your customers.  Different products call for different levels of integration and in all cases we can help improve your customers' lives without necessarily increasing your company’s costs. Many partners choose a partnership plan that makes money directly!

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Turnkey Marketing

We provide your organization with turnkey marketing materials to promote Tempest to your members/customers. WeatherFlow-Tempest handles order fulfillment with no charge to our partners. Partner examples:


Weather data from your own backyard makes Rachio even better.

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