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The Weather Channel

America’s #1 top-rated and most trusted television network, The Weather Channel leverages Tempest Home Weather System data to provide neighborhood-level conditions during on-air weather reports. Sharing data from the Tempest Network helps the audience connect regional weather reports with what’s happening in their own backyards. Tempest Weather Systems also provide localized real-time observations during severe weather events, giving Weather Channel meteorologists access to precise information unavailable anywhere else.

How it Works


Step 1. Access the existing Tempest Network

Get instant traction by launching your network with our installed base of over 55,000 stations. The Tempest network already has hundreds or thousands of neighborhood weather sensors in your broadcast region. Brand your Tempest Network to attract sponsors and advertisers to offset costs and generate revenue. We provide hands-on support with integration of Tempest data into your workflow and broadcast system (ingest ready) using our customizable Tempest API, allowing you to focus on the weather story.


Step 2. Activate, engage and grow your audience

Highlight viewers' unique backyard weather in your broadcast. Show them detailed weather reports from their neighborhood as significant weather moves through. Involve them and the community in the story. Encourage your Tempest station owners to increase the value of their observations with attention to siting. Share the many benefits and features that come with owning a Tempest Weather System. Be first to market in your region and potentially grow your market share.


Step 3. Create and benefit from an exclusive network

Through audience engagement and education outlined in step 2, expand your region's Tempest Network with additional Tempest Weather Systems exclusive to your organization in the broadcast media space. Maximize network growth through data attribution and active promotion of the Tempest Weather System. Then make unlimited use of this exclusive data in broadcast TV, mobile apps, websites and all other media and social network platforms that target your audience.


Step 4: Make the program pay for itself

Share the revenue from sales that can be linked to your program can more than offset the program costs. Network sponsorship and more specific Tempest Weather System education can create a net positive revenue stream for your organization. We are so confident in this process, we guarantee that the program will cost you nothing in the first year.

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Your contributors are Tempest Weather System owners

Viewers who purchase Tempest Weather System and join your Tempest weather network get the benefits of a Tempest weather station in their backyard. They can leverage all the other great things the Tempest weather system can do, such as integrate with smart home devices to save energy and water.

Turnkey Marketing and Sales Support

We provide turnkey marketing materials to help you promote Tempest to your audience. WeatherFlow-Tempest handles sales, order fulfillment and customer support as part of the program.

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