Educators Leveraging the
Tempest Schools Program

Lexington City Schools

Schools Case Study 1

The innovative minds at Lexington City School District pioneered a cutting-edge network of Tempest Weather Systems, seamlessly integrating the data into their students' Classlink pages and district websites. Through this initiative, science and math educators harness real-time data to inspire STEAM learning experiences that transcend the classroom. Their forward-thinking approach extends to practical applications, as evidenced by leveraging lightning data to substantiate insurance claims following a severe storm.

NOAA Grant Applied for Tempest Network

Schools Case Study 2

Using a Climate Literacy Grant from NOAA, Einstein Fellow Sheryl Sotelo spearheaded a program that helps early teachers in rural Alaska get weather stations into their schools. Particularly in Alaska, weather dictates residents’ ability to travel to small villages and determines whether they get mail, groceries, and necessary supplies. “With a Tempest, kids can look at what’s happening around them and bring in traditional ecological knowledge from what their elders have seen changing throughout their lifetime.”

Why Tempest?


State-of-the-Art Technology

Our Tempest Weather Stations are equipped with industry-leading sensors, offering real-time weather data that's accurate down to the minute. It's like having your own weather laboratory at your fingertips.


Hands-On Learning

Engage students in interactive lessons that cover meteorology, climate science, data analysis, and engineering. With our system, weather becomes more than just a subject— it's an adventure waiting to be explored.


Student Safety & Athletics Planning

Mitigate heat risks with our free HeatAlert app. Paired with Tempest's reliable weather monitoring, HeatAlert offers a real-time heat stress index, wet bulb globe temperature, and hourly and daily heat stress forecasts. These essential tools play a critical role in protecting students' health and safety while participating in outdoor sports and activities.


STEM Integration

The Tempest Weather System seamlessly integrates with STEM curricula, providing endless opportunities for students to apply their knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


Community Connection

Offer your community a custom discount for their own Tempest and create a local weather network that connects your school to the world. Share your weather data with other schools, scientists, and enthusiasts worldwide, fostering a sense of global community and collaboration. 

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