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Case Study 1:

MyRadar has proven to be one of the most innovative radar + weather prediction apps on the market, in part because of continued innovation around weather data. MyRadar provides an extremely powerful at-a-glance check of potential storms headed your way. For the casual weather enthusiast to the seasoned weather professional, MyRadar has hi-definition radar, as well as NOAA weather alerts, temperatures, forecasts, and a detailed hurricane tracker. By partnering with Tempest, rather than relying only on public domain data like most other weather apps, MyRadar allows users to experience the same better weather data that Tempest owners already enjoy. By showcasing the benefits of the Tempest to their large existing user base, MyRadar is building an exclusive network that will make their app increasingly unique and their business more formidable.


Case Study 2:

CARROT Weather is a hilarious weather alerting app that delivers weather updates with a snarky tone. They also have solid weather information, especially for CARROT Weather users that purchase a Tempest Weather System. Users can view their Tempest data in the app, thereby benefiting from superb weather data and amusing presentation. The lean CARROT team relies on our seamless API and our well-structured affiliate program to both provide great data and generate revenue, all with minimal effort!

How it Works


Step 1. Integrate Tempest into your application

With our powerful, easy-to-use API, integrating Tempest data into your application is simple and straightforward. Our team works with yours to make it a seamless experience for your users. You will no longer rely on inferior weather data to enhance your service and won't have to face a tradeoff because of expense.

Step 2. Offer Tempest Weather Systems to your users

Offer your customers a discount on a Tempest Weather System and grow your exclusive network. Generate revenue through commissions while increasing the value of your product in a virtuous cycle that no other weather solution on the market can match. Co-marketing your products to existing Tempest owners is also available to drive the adoption of your product or service.

Step 3. Partner and enhance your products and services

We have designed a system that works seamlessly as a standalone network or as an integrated solution through advanced API capabilities. Our goal is the same as yours, to enhance the value of your service for your users.  Different products call for different levels of integration and in all cases we can help improve your customers' lives without cost/quality tradeoffs. Many partners choose a partnership plan that makes them money directly!

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We provide your organization with turnkey marketing materials to promote Tempest to your members/customers. WeatherFlow-Tempest handles order fulfillment with no charge to our partners.

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