> 99.999%


< 5 sec

Alert Time

< 100m

Location Accuracy

TLN records both cloud-to-ground and cloud-to-cloud strokes, and has best-in-class skill in the cloud-to-ground strokes that most impact business operations. TLN also has regions of enhanced strike detection and accuracy, and WeatherFlow-Tempest maintains a rapid sensor deployment capability to customize local accuracy and detection efficiency according to your needs. Data is available via API for web or mobile app integration. Alerting and a historical lightning data archive API are also available, along with custom lightning verification reports.



How it Works


Lightning Sensor Network

TLN employs industrial-grade regional and local sensors to ensure superior detection capability. US sensor map:

  • Gold: Tempest Lightning Network Sensors.
  • Purple: Tempest Network Sensors.

Industrial-Grade Sensor

The LPS-200 advanced lightning sensor with digital signal processing is designed to deliver the latest in precision detection. Leveraging LF/VHF dual-band operation, the sensor processes lightning strikes from cloud-to-ground and cloud-to-cloud lightning simultaneously. Using a high sensitivity, low noise wide-band receiver, state-of-the-art digital filters, and precision GPS time reference, sensors characterize and categorize each strike the instant it occurs.

  • Captures over 95% of all cloud-to-ground strikes.
  • Geo-location precision to <100m.
  • Differentiates positively charged strokes/strikes vs negatively charged.
  • Uses patented time of arrival capability to. determine the location of strikes

Local Area Sensor

TempestOne Weather Stations include a sensitive RF receiver that detects the environmental electrical emissions from lightning activity up to 40km away while rejecting disturbances from man-made sources.

  • Detection of both cloud-to-ground and cloud-to-cloud lightning activity within a 40km range.
  • Intelligent algorithm provides false detection rejection.
  • Antenna auto-tuning.
  • Works in conjunction with patented time of arrival capability to determine the location of strikes.

TempestOne Lightning Data Service

We offer turnkey solutions for accessing real-time lightning data - from visual display systems to email and SMS alerting services - and custom solutions for more complex business needs. TLN’s pricing model is business-friendly for app developers and solution providers/resellers who want to integrate lightning detection data within end-user decision tools solutions.

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Australasia TLN data is available through our partner, MetraWeather.

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