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MetraWeather is the commercial services brand of MetService, specializing in the supply of accurate meteorological, oceanographic and lightning services to Australian and international businesses. MetraWeather is the exclusive Australian reseller of TLN information and alerting services. WeatherFlow-Tempest has saturation coverage of TLN sensors in Australia. MetraWeather and WeatherFlow-Tempest together are actively expanding the TLN sensor network throughout Southeast Asia.


Pantex is one of six production facilities in the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Nuclear Security Enterprise. As the cornerstone of the nation’s Nuclear Security Enterprise, Pantex applies unique capabilities to ensure the effectiveness of the U.S. nuclear stockpile in support of the Nation’s nuclear deterrent. Lightning is a critical component to facility safety. TLN provides an important layer of protection to Pantax. Pantex also contributes to the lightning network, hosting several lightning sensors.

Real-time Solution for
Real-World Impacts

Early warning is key to protecting employees and infrastructure. Tempest Lightning Network detects and distributes precision lightning data for threat assessment tools, warning applications, and alerting devices to minimize vulnerability and maximize productivity.



> 99.999%


< 5 sec

Alert Time

< 100m

Location Accuracy

Data is available via API for web or mobile app integration. Alerting and a historical lightning data archive API are also available, along with custom lightning verification reports. Not a developer? We offer turnkey solutions for accessing real-time lightning data - from visual display systems to email and SMS alerting services. TLN’s pricing model is business-friendly for app developers and solution providers/resellers who want to integrate lightning detection data within end-user decision tools solutions.

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How it Works


Build with the Tempest Lightning Network API

Real-time lightning data can be added to your existing platform or custom app as a primary or backup feed. Our developer-friendly data stream sends lightning strike data in real-time.

  • Integrate the same quality data used at TLN
  • Data provided in common delivery formats
  • Distinguishes between cloud-to-ground and inter/intra-cloud lightning events
  • Includes the intensity and polarity of each strike, as well as location

Lightning alerts before thunder sounds

TLN lightning safety solutions provide best-practice decision support as defined by the American Meteorological Society. Receive a world-class lightning safety solution through direct alerts, a customizable visual display system, and a local Tempest lightning sensor deployed at your location.

  • Immediate SMS and email alerts
  • Configure alerts for multiple recipients, schedules, and locations
  • Custom all-clear notifications
  • Map of strike locations

Historical Lightning Data

Tap into TLN’s enormous database of historic lightning strike verification data.

  • Search 24, 48, or 72 hours from a given date/time
  • Search one, five, 10, or 15-mile radius from a given location
  • View a list of strikes and each strike’s distance from the specified location
  • Download a customized PDF report and data files in KML and CSV formats
  • Long-term data for research is also available

A Turnkey Site Safety Solution based around Lightning Data

An economic weather safety tool for construction sites, athletic fields, or schools that is simple to set up and easy to use. While the biggest focus is on lightning safety, you can also configure high wind, rainfall, heat stress, and other weather alerts.

  • Self-install a TempestOne Weather System on-site for enhanced local lightning detection
  • Access data on the TempestOne Ops Console or Google Earth display
  • Set up audible SMS/email lightning strike alerts for multiple ranges
  • Customizable all-clear notifications so you know when it’s safe to return to activities

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