TempestOne Products and Services

Our state-of-the-art professional weather solution

The AI powered science and engineering stack that underpins all Tempest data products

Our easy to use weather app: manage you weather stations, view your observations and forecasts

Our powerful web-based visualization and decision making tool: maps, graphs, alerts, and more!

Our flexible API connecting customers with their data and enabling rich integrations with other tools

The network of 63,000 Tempest and TempestOne Weather Systems providing a huge, high-density data source

Providing high-value, rapid alerts and safety solutions

Our products and services are customizable to meet most professional needs

TempestOne Data & Subscription Services

The foundational data service you get for the life of the device, included with the purchase of every TempestOne Weather System

Our tailored subscription service built and priced to meet your exact needs, whether you’re just starting out, or well on your way

Solutions tailored to your professional needs:

TempestOne in Detail


TempestOne Weather Systems

Deploy TempestOne Systems (includes TempestOne Essential data service) at your locations as an economical stand alone solution, or combine with TempestOne Enterprise and get bulk station pricing on weather stations and the ultimate set of comprehensive tools. Partner with your stakeholders, deploy TempestHome Weather Systems, and collect more data in your area of interest. Our co-marketing program facilitates both a station network jumpstart and potential revenue stream!


TempestOne Mobile App

A companion app to the TempestOne Weather System, the TempestOne Mobile App guides you through our quick hardware configuration process.  Whether your organization owns 1 or 100 TempestOne stations the process is simple and efficient. Once configured, data from your TempestOne stations is available through the app to your organization's key decision makers. The TempestOne mobile app allows users to see observation data reported directly from your TempestOne stations as well as our AI forecasts powered by Nearcast™ Technology and other derived parameters such as heat stress. The TempestOne mobile app also delivers notifications to your users on important weather events, like rain start events and lightning detected nearby.


TempestOne Ops ConsoleApp

Your go-to weather decision tool for day-to-day operational guidance and decision making.  Preset map layers allow you to easily visualize proprietary Tempest, ProNet and other weather station observations, gridded model data, lightning information as well as other important weather information (e.g. radar, satellite watches and warnings).  You can customize the map to show the exact weather information you need to make important decisions for your organization. The Ops Console is compatible with modern web browsers and mobile device browsers, supports configuring and customizing critical weather alerts for key team members, and is easy to deploy within your organization.


TempestOne API

Tap into the Tempest and TempestOne APIs on demand or you can get information as it happens in real-time. Whether creating a simple data feed for one station or a full-blown application for millions of users, the Tempest API is all you need. Integrate our data products into your own decision tools with ease. Easy to use and flexible, it’s the same API powering our apps and many other third-party decision tools.


Tempest Weather Network

Get access to the largest neighborhood-level network of private weather stations that only Tempest can provide, and get an unmatched level of situational awareness. The Tempest Network is an extensive set of proprietary curated and quality-controlled data from sources that includes more than 63,000 Tempest devices. Add to that exclusive access to WeatherFlow Network’s ProNet sites and 80,000 additional public and proprietary data sources.


Tempest Lightning Network

With more than 500 industrial-grade sensors and 63,000 local sensors globally, the Tempest Lightning Network (TLN)  provides precision lightning data with lightning alerts and all clear messages to ensure safety during inclement weather. Early warning is key to protecting employees and infrastructure. The TLN detects and distributes precision lightning data for threat assessment tools, warning applications, and alerting devices to minimize vulnerability and maximize productivity.


NearcastTM Technology

Our patented Nearcast™ Technology is the AI powered science and engineering stack that underpins every aspect of Tempest data processing from the moment of the observation to the final end products. Nearcast Technology maximizes the advantage of our vast Tempest dataset helping you more precisely understand the weather that happened yesterday, what is happening now, and what the future will bring.


Custom Solutions

Our suite of TempestOne products, tools and services are customizable to cost effectively meet most professional needs. Starting with our existing TempestOne components, our experienced team of meteorologists, data scientists and engineers will build a custom solution to deliver exactly the weather intel you need to make better-informed decisions.


TempestOne Essential

Every TempestOne Weather System includes the TempestOne Essential data service:

  • API access to historical, observational and forecast data produced from stations you own and/or operate utilizing our patented NearcastTM Technology
  • The TempestOne Mobile App and alerting
  • A commercial data use license for the Tempest stations you own and/or operate
  • A commercial 2 year warranty
  • Priority support from our award-winning customer service team

TempestOne Enterprise

Our tailored subscription service built and priced to meet your exact needs, whether you’re just starting out, or well on your way. It includes all the features of the TempestOne Essential data service, plus (optionally):
  • TempestOne Ops Console web viewer and decision making tool
  • Advanced API access to the historical, observational and forecast data produced from the Tempest Network (63,000 stations and growing) and other proprietary and public sources utilizing our patented NearcastTM Technology
  • Tempest Lightning Network precision lightning data and alerts
  • Broader commercial data use license
  • Unlimited warranty terms (replacement hardware)
  • Priority support from our award-winning customer service team
  • Custom solutions
  • Collaboration and co-marketing

How it Works

Step 1: Talk to a TempestOne representative
Ask questions, see examples, understand the data and tools and, most importantly, understand the value proposition. Our team will listen to your challenges and ideas, help craft creative, effective solutions, and answer your questions.

Step 2: Get a free trial and consult with our experts
Get access to the TempestOne API and Ops Console. Consult with our experts to imagine the right solution. Develop your ideas and test integrations.

Step 3: Sign up and get started
Our team will be there to help every step of the way.


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